3 thoughts on “Beyond ICON: 5 Seaplane Alternatives

  1. One great seaplane LSA that sadly is not represented in USA at present (opportunity?). This is in full production and is not ‘future technology’ but available now on 3-4 month delivery and has been since 2006 is the Colyaer Freedom S100. This is now also supplied with the Rotax iS motor as well as the proven 912ULS. They are well reputed International suppliers and a great family company that’s light on International marketing, otherwise there would be more. Fully composite (no fabric wings/empennage) all SS fittings and fastenings incl SS Brakes, no rusty steel gear like the popular Searay and much faster in cruise!

    We have a few in Australia, one in exotic places like Lord Howe Island, where its used to fly between the island and the ‘big island’ (Aussie mainland) on a regular basis and I have one in Sydney on my waterfront lot, see pix attached, my ramp is immediately behind the aircraft. Hopefully I can manage the technology to attach these pix!

    Oh there is another little all composite/SS bird only in Europe and Asia, the Fly Synthesis Catalina LSA, that’s a beauty and is not much more than the Adventura kit as a factory build LSA! Again all composite and SS/Marine grade alloy for our super salty conditions. Let me know if you need more info..Greg

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