2 thoughts on “Automation In Aircraft Can Kill, When It’s Not Saving Your Life, That Is

  1. It seems if you understand that the plane is saving itself, that purpose is that you as the PIC is secondary to safe flight…Sure when the auto-pilot be came available the work load was reduced.. then OH, we can force the plane to do what we the engineers want it to do.
    Right or wrong ..The system should only be an AID NOT the end all be all.

    Let make sure that as the PIC we really can be the the PILOT IN Command of the aircraft, and not some computer driven algorithm.

  2. Remember the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”? It was released/shown in 1968, and as I watched it I thought: “This is going to happen. As they apply computers to everyday life……..and they will…….the use of a computer in place of human control that a human is not able to disengage…………..will get people killed.”

    I prefer to being right/correct with lottery numbers.

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