2 thoughts on “Battling With The Autopilot

  1. An autopilot that fights the pilot input and counter-trims to these force levels seems inappropriate to me. What if I suddenly see a plane on a collision course and I need to immediately hit the controls to evade? I may forget, or not have enough time, to disengage the autopilot. The autopilot overrides me to try and maintain the collision course! I have flown many autopilots and yes they fight your manual inputs, but they should never overcome your physical abilities and take over. I believe most planes do, or should, immediately disengage the autopilot upon significant pilot manual control. But I do agree that training for runaway trim situations, for any level of pilot, is an absolute necessity that is not part of standard training that I know of.

  2. Farmers have gps controlled steering which automatically disengages when the wheel is moved. A push of a switch turns it back on. Why cant this system be used in airplanes?

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