5 thoughts on “Circle-to-Land Life-Saving Tips

  1. 40 years, 9000 hours, ATP-CFIIMEI,A&P…never did a circle to land except at my home airport. Former client didn’t follow that advice and hit the mountain in the circle.

  2. I would say that most GA pilots should not do circling approaches with less than VFR minimums and none at night. Some time in the late 90’s or early 2000 American Airlines decided no more night circling approaches and had us add 1000’ and 3 miles to day circling minimums if I remember correctly, and we had GPS and glass cockpits that gave us the best situational awareness at the time. I know situational awareness can be pretty awesome today, but you still need to be well trained, current and flying a lot to be safe and comfortable flying in actual IFR and at lest yearly simulator recurrent training.

  3. Very Good but that’s only half the story now please explain to those reading in the event of going IMC at any stage whilst circling exactly which published missed approach procedure to follow and for what runway… I’m guessing a large proportion of your readers will possibly not contemplate this or get it correct.This is a very real possibility especially at night for those economic with personal or performance limited minimums. Regards

  4. Practice Practice … makes safe and confident pilots … good subject coverage, thanks
    Suggest a practice at your local airport
    flying down the runway at circle to land minimums and at the end of the runways make a 45 degree turn to the right followed by count of 5 then a 180 Left put you on a base leg check gear down and land…

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