3 thoughts on “Don’t Be Dense About Density Altitude

  1. Density altitude is critical whether you are flying a C150 or an intercontinental jet. It is all relative. Every jet airplane I flew had a performance section in the checklist. This is where we got our takeoff speeds for our weight. We also observed how much runway was required for takeoff at a given weight, field elevation, and temperature. Essentially these charts were providing density altitude information.

  2. Thanks, David Ison, for an amazing article. My favorite article that I have read this year in my studies in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. This is the same data that we all have access to, but Mr. Ison’s presentation of this data definitely made the difference in consideration of density altitude with regard to flight performance on both the elementary and studied levels.

  3. A truly enlightening article, and very articulate. From this reading i gained further insight to all of the elements desired and those to be cautious about, and most importantly why. Embry Riddle has a wonderful program and articles like your sir add value and perspective to what we learn at University levels.

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