3 thoughts on “Drones in our Airspace

  1. Your article completly ignores the likelyhood that likelyhood that companies like Amazon and Google are champing at the bit to start deliveries via fairly heavy drones. Since exonomics dictate they will centralize distribution ceteranas much as possiblle, i expect these drones to encrouch on, or as you put it, share GA airspace. I have often flown below 400’ AGL in uncongested areas while maintaining at least 500’ seperation from people or structure as required. I expect commercial conflucts will reault in addition airspace will become prohibited for non-drone flight. This does not make me happy.

    PS: My A&P has already repaired cowling damage to a Cessna that collided with a drone at 6,000’ anout 10 miles SE of LVK.

  2. Nice informative article Steve!
    I am not a certified pilot and have never flow a manned aircraft, I am however a member of the AMA and a club officer in our local chapter. I fly fixed wing and multi-rotor. I agree with your assessment of the risks involved and appreciate that you are not taken in by the media hype on the subject. I only wish more people had your understanding of the situation.
    I along with the modelers I personally know are very concerned with safety and would never put a manned aircraft at risk.
    As you pointed out, there are some who either don’t know about the regulations or don’t care. Models have the ability to fly above the 400 foot AGL limit some UAs pilots put them there. In the same vein, there are manned aircraft pilots who do not follow the 500 foot AGL floor.
    Education is key, if UAs pilots and manned aircraft pilots follow the guidelines then it is a non issue.

  3. compared to birds some of these drones are more difficult to see.
    why are the drones not required to be included in the ads-b mandate?

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