One thought on “Engine Reliability

  1. Rick:
    It has been a while since I have written you about your articles. The one I am writing about is your Emergencies: Deciding Which Ones to Practice. I do agree you need to prepare for two things. The first is the certification ride or recertification and the reality. Engine failure is a rare event mechanically the maintained piston engine can achieve a MTBF of 100, 000 hours. Nevertheless, coming down out of the sky still occurs due to other circumstances such as fuel and engine mismanagement and the simple case of flight risk management – avoiding the bad weather.
    Your pilot surgeon is examining the risk factor associated with his activity which is the event multiplied by the probability of the event. Essentially, he is ranking the risk factors and then prioritizing the review for what is the mitigation. In safety language, you also have to look at the consequence of failure to manage the event. You have a perfect example of continued flight into IFR conditions; the consequences are sever. Nevertheless, we as pilot are hazard managers and we must weigh the probability with the consequence. This is the purpose of Pilot Decision Making.



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