One thought on “The Evolution Of Aviation Fashion

  1. Patty,
    Hal taught me how to fly after we met at the airshow at McCauley Field north of Atlanta in the late 1990’s. He had flown your plane in from your previous show… and your crew arrived in your Chevrolet van. We were all in the same hangar. I was the crew chief on J.Michael Wigens Cyclone…you recommended Hal as an excellent instructor…and it’s all history after that. I worked for an airline and would fly to Tucson, stay with Hal and his family at his house…and he would make me puke and then learn how not to…… as the week-ends we had for months and months moved on. I am a competant VFR pilot who always learns new “things” as I aviaite. It’s good to see you on these pages. I always smile when I read your words of aviating, as I know you live it and fly it. I enjoyed meeting you and your husband at that time I think…”John” (I may be wrong…it could have been John at ICAS)…but anyway…..thank you for being you.

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