2 thoughts on “Flight Design’s CTLSi: A High-Tech German LSA

  1. Looks like you reversed your wing loading numbers. The text has it right, calling the CTLS more highly wing loaded. I show my CTSW wing area as 107 sq ft, which at gross gives a wing loading of 12.34 lbs/sq ft. (The CTLS is about the same.) The Cessna 152 wing loading is 10.43 lbs/sq ft.

    All light sports are gust sensitive. Where the CT series aircraft is the most susceptible is with extension of their “barn door” flaps, which lower landing speed to approx. 54 knots. If you want to control gust sensitivity, manage the flaps. At zero degree or even minus six flap settings, the airplanes land like much heavier ones.

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