5 thoughts on “Flying The Bronco

  1. Thanks for the story, I’m looking into applying for the Air Attack pilot job and this really helped me understand a little more about what’s involved.

  2. I enjoyed your article very much and had the pleasure of being a “back seater” in 210 for two seasons. After 11 seasons in the O2A, the Bronco seemed like a dream come true, it was quite an upgrade.

  3. Great Article Patty! I flew the Bronco in the USAF during the 1980’s when our primary mission was Close Air Support and Counter Insurgency. I enjoyed employing every ordinance approved for the aircraft in either day or night missions over Europe, USA and Central America. Great memories of a great airplane. It’s recent Combat testing over Syria (OV-10D) against ISIS targets proved it’s mettle as a timeless warrior, once again. Thanks!

  4. “Prone to feathering the wrong engine” sounds a lot like Pilot-Error….

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