One thought on “The Go-Around That Didn’t Go Well

  1. As a TBM 700 owner & pilot, I can say with certainty that go arounds can be tricky because of two things- There is 700 hp out front & although it can be easily controlled during takeoff, pushing the power full forward quickly during a go around can roll the plane to the left almost uncontrollably. The other possible problem is the surprising amount of force required to keep the yoke from coming back into the pilot’s chest after applying all that power because the airplane was trimmed for full flap landing. Hence- a left turn & a pitch up into a stall. How the blade contacted the runway is a puzzle. TBMs will bounce if brought in too fast & if that happened maybe he broke the nose gear.

    (Minor items- 241 gal is max fuel on TBMs, 290 kts is a common max speed for 700s. 31,000 requires expensive RVSM equipment which very few TBMs have, so they stay at 28K & below.)

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