3 thoughts on “Go-Arounds Are Not Shameful!

  1. Thank you Patti! I’ve always enjoyed watching you fly at shows and reading your articles. It IS such a pleasure to read an article by a pilot who knows what controls what and why it controls it. Thank you again, you’ve always been a favorite!

  2. During my initial flight training we did a lot of touch and goes to get in as many practice landings as possible with most emphasis on the landings. Go arounds were only done to ‘salvage’ a bad touch down. I now realize that most of my bounce in or ‘drop in’ arrivals would have been better with an earlier decision to go around. Practicing a stabilized approach to 10-15 feet AGL then flying the length of the runway maintaining runway alignment, then going around is a good way to practice cross wind landings and go arounds. This makes go arounds a natural, practiced activity instead of a semi-emergency maneuver. Also, when attempting a landing in strong crosswind conditions, if you plan on doing the low pass first you will know if you and your aircraft are capable of maintaining runway tracking. If not, don’t risk it. Find a safer place to land.

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