One thought on “How Temporary Are CFIs?

  1. Kate,
    Thanks for a great article! Indeed, we have a real problem with the flight instruction part of the aviation equation. We at Instructair recognized the need to take a different approach to solve this industry gap. Taking a cue from the growing on-demand economy, Instructair provides flight instructors the opportunity to continue to provide flight instruction, even after they have “moved on” to heavy metal. Independant flight instructors now have a venue to operate their own flight instruction business with higher returns and lower cost to students. Retiring airline pilots have a structured way to share their experience with new pilots without committing to a full-time schedule. Instructair is connecting pilots and flight instructors in a way that is familiar to the current tech-oriented generation.
    There is a place for the brick and mortar flight school, university programs, and professional training centers. But they are missing a large population of flight instructors who are willing to train in a different capacity.

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