6 thoughts on “A Jet-Powered Glider?

  1. The use of electric assist in the wheels for taxi has been under consideration by large jet airliners for some time. Generally what are called hub motors are used. This is where the motor is built into the inside of the wheel itself to save a huge amount of space, parts count, all drive linkage, compared to the separate motor and belt drive of the glider in the article. Those hub motors and all of the electric drive components are supplied by ZEV Electric (www.zelectricvehicle.com) from 10 to 17 inch rim size in power from 1 hp to 40 hp.

  2. So glad to see this happening. Ever since a friend bought a parrot drone, I’ve understood the potential for flying vehicles with a number of electric propulsion units. My thinking has been that various types, perhaps wing propellers with differing pitches and wheel motors, are recruited by the CPU as required. It nice to see that someone else had similar thoughts and has done something about it!

  3. Very good Project !
    French MC-15J, Cricri Jet F-PCLF, use electric wheel assist since 2011. Jets engines are started only when the jet is near the runway. The electric assist, designed by Dominique Bonnaire, concist of brushless motor located in the nose wheel.

  4. I have a brochure for an Caproni AJ-21 jet powered glider that was sold in the early 70’s, I think

  5. I was out for a walk one sunny afternoon in my village of Weldon in Northants. I stopped and heard a noise in the sky which sounded like a underpowered jet engine.I looked up at the sky and noticed a glider circling above me.It occured to me that the glider could be assisted by a small jet engine of which I have never encountered.I had to look up information about this sort of aircraft on the Internet as I am not too familiar.The glider that I encountered could have been a Glowfly.

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