New STC For Garmin G5 HSI

Company’s newly STCed digital instrument gives pilots new tools for pennies on the dollar

Garmin's G5 solid-state attitude indicator has sold in large numbers since its release earlier this year, and this week the company added another piece of the panel puzzle with the announcement that it has earned STC approval for its directional gyro/horizontal situational display primary nav instrument version of the G5. Introduced at the end of last March, the G5 DG/HSI is now okayed for installation in type-certificated fixed-wing general aviation aircraft. The approved model list for this STC includes over 650 individual aircraft models.

Courtesy of Garmin

On its own, the G5 can be used either as a DG, HIS or an attitude indicator. When paired with a compatible nav source, it can also be a primary source for displaying magnetic heading, VOR/LOC guidance, GPS course guidance, distance and groundspeed. It is not certified to provide the attitude source for an autopilot. Garmin has declined to comment officially on whether the product will be approved for that function at some point in the future, or not.

Cost for a single G5 DG/HSI starts at $2,449 for the install kit, magnetometer, 4-hour back-up battery and the STC. For the same stuff plus the equipment necessary to interface the G5 with a compatible navigator, the price tag run $2,975. A dual G5 package is available for $4,598.

Learn more at Garmin.

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