The New TBM 910

What’s in a Number?

The fastest turboprop single, the Daher TBM, got a new number designation with the introduction on Tuesday of the TBM 910. It's just as fast as the 930. What's it missing?

Courtesy of TBM Daher

Daher on Tuesday introduced its latest turboprop speedster, the TBM 910, a model that keeps the G1000 flight deck flying in new TBMs. The company is the only one we know of that offers versions of the same plane with a choice of either the Garmin G1000 NXi or Garmin G3000 touch controlled flight deck. Daher president Nicolas Chabbert said that even after the G3000 version was introduced about a third of customers opted for the G1000 equipped model instead, a ratio that Chabbert suspected would continue with the introduction of the NXi version of G1000. The NXi flight deck is a major overhaul of G1000, with much faster processors, better displays, more features, and improved symbology over the legacy G1000 system. The TBM 930 sells for around $4.2 million and the model 910 goes for just under $4 million.

Learn more at TBM Daher.

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