6 thoughts on “Pilot Recounts Ride in Ford Trimotor

  1. I have very old 16mm film of tri-moter doing stnts my Dad made years ago… quite a plane… Would like to donate it somewhere, but very old so care must be taken to restore it.

  2. This article took me back to 1960 at KRFD, Rockford, IL (home of EAA). Since I loved aircraft and drawing planes, my parents took me to the annual EEA flying in at the airport. There were WWII warbirds and every imaginable type of aircraft, homebuilt and production types. It was magical. People strolling by the aircraft and talking to the pilots. Families having barbeques and watching the skillful pilots in the air. The airport was closed, except for the occasional Ozark Airlines DC-3 that would land. That is where I first flew in the Spruce Goose. Wow. At 8 years old, it was like the 707. When my parents said do you want a ride? I said yes. $5 later I had my ticket and took a short journey into aviation history. The plane was fairly loud, but I was fascinated by the pilots and the cockpit. The rollout was slower than our ’56 Chevy, but what a feeling to have the chance to fly. The takeoff was magical, everything seemed to be in slow motion, and it was. Seeing the earth from 1500-2000 feet is incredible. The flight is still my favorite flying experience. I have been across the Atlantic 6 times and around America, from the
    east coast to the west. The first flight is still the first flight, and nothing can ever replace that memory. Thanks.

  3. Flew in this monster at an EAA gathering in Lawrenceville. Worth the price of admission to an actual time machine. Thought I was in an Indiana Jones movie “East of Stone Mountain.”

  4. About 1935 two Curtis Condors landed in Detroit at Hagerty Field across the street from the Desoto Auto plant on Wyoming Ave. They gave rather short scenic rides for a modest price.I cant remember the adult price but for kids it was 50 cents, with the proviso that you were accompanied by an adult. My buddy and I schround up enough deposit bottles in trash cans to cover the cost. We then had get in line behind two likely looking child bearing adults. We succeeded and were enthralled with the experience despite the vibrations and noise level. My next air adventure was in the Goodyear Blimp Puritan about 1937 in Gloversville , New York. Smooth ride no vibrations and quite when they killed the engine and driffed . Bill G.

  5. I have old 16mm color film of tri being stunted… needs to be on digital if anyone interested.. Dad made years ago, Have not touched it as probably very fragile.

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