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  1. On Pipistrel’s website, they said they had 100 hours on the demo model in December 2013. Is this a second airframe or a typo??? Surely they must have completed some test flight time in the last 2 years?

  2. The Lycoming IO-540 may be bullet proof but it isn’t a FADEC engine which was part of the original design requirement (it wasn’t just the Mogas they wanted).
    Shame really – wonder if the EPS V8 diesel would fit. It seems to be light enough

  3. The landing gear blurb implies a trailing-link arrangement on both main and nose gear. However, the pictures show that only the mains have the trailing link. FYI.

  4. Certamente e um equipamento de custo benefício muito bom! Quando chegará ao Brasil para demonstrações e vendas.

  5. The answer to the engine dilema is simple; TP100 Turboprop Engine.

    It weighs 68Kg, is smaller, has FADEC, runs on JET-A.

  6. In the paragraph that begins “From the start, good aileron feel and response are apparent.” The third line states “The pilot can feel the airflow directly through the yoke.” Yet earlier, the article says “The flight controls fall nicely to hand: a joystick for PIC’s left hand and three engine levers (throttle, pitch and mixture) perfectly arranged on the long central console.”
    Which is the primary aileron and elevator control, a stick, or a yoke?

  7. As reported in the February 2008 issue of Plane and Pilot, the Mooney M20K has a cruise speed of 201 kts at 75% power. As reported in this article, the 390 equipped Pipistrel reached a cruise speed of only 168 kts at 75% power at 2500 feet, and 177 kts at 75% power at 7500 feet. And yet Jean-Marie Urlacher writes, “the Panthera travels 15 knots faster than the Mooney [M20K]”. Perhaps Jean-Marie is counting on a tailwind for (a lot of) help.

  8. Sorry John Mohan…
    The Mooney M20K aka 231 was nickname for 231MPH @ 21,000′ and the 251 had to go to 28,000 to get it’s nickname. At 8,000′ the 231 is 166 kts, though I wonder how a normally aspirated engine can get 75% @ 7,500′. That being said, the M20K today can be easily bought certified for under $125,000 and $200,000 would buy an real nice one, the Bonanza the same. You can get one today too, not wait a couple of years.

  9. What is really happening to this nice birds that seem so cost effective and tempting to anyone that is looking for innovation+performance etc ????? likes of Panthera, Compair12 etc. etc……

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