2 thoughts on “The Search For Ultimate Speed

  1. It’s good to know the history of a plane that I made a >60 powered C/L model of, way back in the ’80’s. It was no stunter, no speed queen or stand (way off) scale, It just went like a bat out of hell!.

  2. I have attended the Reno Air Races off and on for the last 35 years. All the time designing/ fantasizing about creating a fast air plane. Still in the fantasy mode. I have a Levi jacket featuring the Tuskegee RedTails and wore it to one of Hayward’s air shows where three stately Tuskegee Airman quietly sat at a booth. Captain Les Williams signed the left inside for me. Thrilling to say the least! Years later also at Hayward, there sat a P-51 off next to a hanger. I stumbled onto the ‘rides available’ booth and decided to fulfill a lifelong dream. One hour required a pile of sheckles but oh my, what a ride. Flying south over Point Reyes and the Golden Gate Bridge is etched in my memory.
    Your story about Lyle Shelton is just superb and I look forward to reading it again many times.
    Geoffrey Burnaford
    Alameda Ca

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