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  1. Sorry, but I cannot get the second page of this article. You might want to examine your website technology—flipping a page was a solved problem 50 years ago.

  2. I was stationed at Beale AFB, home of both the SR-71 and the U-2, for eleven years as a U-2 mission planner. I had the pleasure of knowing both Brian Shul and Walt Watson, as well as most of the other SR-71 and U-2 crew members. Truly, that is a fraternity of aviators unlike any other. Brian Shul stood out as a heroic guy who survived an F-4 “crash and burn” in Vietnam to not only walk again, but to fly the world’s hottest airplane in hot spots around the world. Brian is well known here in the Northern California area, and I last saw him at the California Capital Air Show at Mather Airfield in the Sacramento suburbs a year ago, selling his books and photography. Thanks for passing on his “low pass” story- that was a new one on me, but very believable.

  3. Thanks indeed, wonderful story and History at the same time, it will never be cross-checked for written sources itself but it’s true as only these kind of things can be, told by the “starring” himself.

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