5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Textron Shares Plans For TTx

  1. Redesign a parachute and a 325 – 350HP Diesel engine into the aircraft, then you could take on Cirrus.

    Seems obvious to me.

  2. Quality control problems at a plant in Mexico. Imagine that.

    One would think Cessna would learn from the skycatcher disaster how important it is to keep a close eye on manufacturing.

  3. The Cirrus has a parachute. The old boys in Wichita have never thought that to be important. And still don’t or they would sell it as an option on the 182. They thought FIKI would do it, but they are always playing catch-up to the gang in Duluth.

    Every time they try to innovate in pistons, they give up eventually. Maybe they will sell the piston line to the Chinese.

    I,will say this, Cessna customer service is excellent.

  4. TTx sold more than Bonanza, yet TTx is cut for “slow sales” and Bonanza is not? Textron’s excuses just do not make sense.

  5. Make it a retractable pressurized aircrafy
    At a great price
    Upgrade to 350 hp
    That would sell

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