One thought on “Veteran Pilot Identifies Similarities In Younger Pilot

  1. I will say that I don’t have words for this, but really I do. I am about as articulatingly verbose as you seem to be – and that is a compliment! While reading this article, some smoke must have been nearby, because I teared up a little; more than once.

    I have photos of a little “copper headed” boy from long ago at several airports around the West Georgia area. His passion for flight has been unwaveringly solid since he watched his “Papaw” (Waymond Sr.) fly models at this impressionable time. His light skin tanning (burning) so easily, did not deter him from watching RC models fly all day long, as well as the large thundering planes at air shows.

    Then for his brother’s 3rd birthday (Noah), we opened up Papaw’s hanger and had some great fun with several of the West Georgia airport crew back then. Young Eagles allowed him to fly a little later on, a little older, a little more “hooked” on aviation. Then there are countless fun times at Tripletree aka: Joe Nall almost every year. Finally, as you mentioned, Kelly has been such a great influence on Nathan…there are no words as to how beneficial their relationship has been.

    However, as you stated above, your situation was similar to his while coming through the ranks. There is a connection to the challenges you two face within while in this situation; the grit required to overcome all the odds, along just plain old resilience to the cause, in order to achieve the dream of flight.

    Recently, he took me on a night flight, and I got to see personally just how professional my oldest young man has become. He impressed me with every move, every button press, and every radio call. Ever conscious of our surroundings and current situation with respect to the airspace he was in. …Even still, to say I am worried when he takes off and waggs his wings goodbye as the little Cessna disappears into the horizon, is a grand understatement. I was at the airport when he took off for his second solo…it was tough as a dad to see that one – just him up there, my first born. Nevertheless, the pride I have in his accomplishments more than eclipses any worry! As long as the plane keeps a little “stuffing” I’m okay.

    So, what I really want to say is a heartfelt “Thank You” to you, Kelly, Rob, Cecil, and many others who have helped to shape my son into the fine young man he is today.
    Your collective efforts are all paying off; evidenced by his keen awareness of the skill exhibited on those three back to back landings at Lyons 🙂

    Very sincerely,
    Waymond L. Bishop, Jr.

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