5 thoughts on “Vulcanair V1.0 FAA-Certified

  1. It is interesting airplane. As it sell a 100.000 less than the CESSNA 172. Has it is Italian design the interior finish could be exceptional?

    The fabrication design is similar as the NORTH AMERICAN ROCKWELL, DART 180 or AERO COMMANDER, LARK COMMANDER 180, for the older one of us.

  2. Sonny M must have overlooked the already has orders for 60 (not sure where of course) but that’s a pretty solid start.

  3. I do not understand the pricing on these aircraft. When the Cessna 150 came out in about
    1958 or 1559 it was just under $5 grand. a 172 was about $9 grand. So if you want a new entry level 172 it is about a couple of hundred shy of $4 hundred grand! Wow who can afford that! I know the court has gotten involve in the pricing but wow what a kick in the old wallet. No wonder aviation is dyeing . Government regulations is part of this also but $400
    grand! How did every thing get this way?

  4. Two words: Product Liability. If the aircraft crashes and an attorney can convince a jury of non-aviators that some flaw in the aircraft caused – or even contributed to the crash, then the jury can find the aircraft manufacturer liable. It’s happened over and over that crashes, that pretty much all aviators would agree were the pilot’s fault, can turned blamed on the aircraft manufacturer. Product liability insurance (or self insuring) costs a lot of money and that goes into the price of the aircraft.

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