Vulcanair V1.0 FAA-Certified

Italian trainer comes to the U.S.

Last summer at AirVenture, Vulcanair promised that its 4-seat, all-metal single---the V1.0---would be certified in the U.S. by the end of the year. Though it was down to the wire, FAA approval officially came through on December 20, 2017. The Vulcanair V1.0 has been operating in Europe since receiving EASA certification in 2013.

Photo by Jean-Marie Urlacher

The plane has seen plenty of use overseas as a trainer and entry-level personal aircraft. According to Vulcanair, the V1.0 has regularly been operated off of grass strips and has a great record for standing up to coarse and uneven terrain. The aircraft has a top cruise speed of 130 knots and a range of 591 nm. It is equipped with an IFR-ready Garmin G500 avionics suite.

Vulcanair already has more than 60 orders for the V1.0, which is selling for a base price of $259,000. The company expects that the first U.S. deliveries will be made before this year's Sun ’N Fun (April 10-15).

Learn more at Ameravia.

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