3 thoughts on “What Caused TWA Flight 800 To Explode Mid-Air?

  1. Ask NTSB board member John Goglia, at the time if he said it was an external penetration on the right keel beam spar 18 inches forward of the right leading edge of the right wing.

  2. It was a missile. Too many eyewitnesses who saw it. Some eyewitnesses had to be correct. I was a professional “eye witness” for 30 years, also known as an “Air Traffic Controller” (in a busy Tower). Not sure who shot the missile, but it was reported a US Navy submarine was in the vicinity, and suddenly disappeared. And here’s a big one: why haven’t Boeing 747s fallen out of the sky from multiple fuel tank explosions before and after TWA800?? Fuel tank nitrogen inerting is impossible for ALL Boeings…

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