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EAA Events Added to ForeFlight

Just in time for AirVenture, this feature is officially live and available to users.

Graphic courtesy of ForeFlight

ForeFlight, arguably one of the world’s most popular flight planners with databases that thousands of pilots have used since its inception in 2007, has something new up its sleeve. And it must be a pretty long sleeve as EAA annual events totaling well over 14,000 have now been added to the Foreflight database.

In adding these 14,000-plus events to ForeFlight, Ren Scott, EAA’s director of business development, underscores the benefits to ForeFlight users and tells the press [that adding these events] “makes the ForeFlight database even more comprehensive for the thousands of pilots who rely on it for flight information.”

Scott goes on to say that “ForeFlight has always been an excellent source of flight planning and safety, but with EAA’s information, it will add more reasons to fly and destinations to discover.” And, of course, most of us pilots will take almost any reason to fly. $100 hamburger anyone?

And just in time for AirVenture, this cooperative effort between EAA and ForeFlight is now officially live and available to users. As far as local EAA chapters are concerned, this integration of EAA events with ForeFlight will also provide a mechanism for those chapters to update their upcoming activities first on the EAA calendar of events, thereby allowing local events to get uploaded into the ForeFlight database on a regular, automated basis, creating a seamless experience for users and EAA chapters alike.



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