Free Guide: Cirrus SR22 G6 Turbo Vs. Cessna TTx

Cirrus SR22 G6 Turbo Vs. Cessna TTx Guide

Welcome To Our Special Cirrus SR22 G6 Turbo Vs. Cessna TTx Guide!

There are exceptions, but airplane salespeople say that in the vast majority of cases, before someone buys a Cirrus SR22 or a Cessna TTx, they want to know about both planes. And in the last many years that these two birds have been battling side by side, we’ve gotten a lot of phone calls from people on the fence between these fast-glass, fixed-gear speedsters.

We’ve flown them both. Our conclusion: While both planes have their strengths and a few features that could be improved upon, these are two outstanding aircraft that will repay the big investment in comfort, airspeed and the safety benefits that modern technology has to offer.

So, what’s it like to fly these two speedsters and how do they measure up side-by-side? Climb aboard as we put them through their paces.


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