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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Lure Of The Backcountry

Visiting a world only pilots know

The Backcountry Community

The backcountry community exists nationwide and simply Googling "Backcountry Aviation" will plug you into an almost endless series of chat groups, websites and forums.
The Super Cub group forms the hub of the backcountry movement. It has a long- established chat group that archives a lotof information from that group, but it's byno means the only one.

Backcountry Pilot
The BCP is a good clearing house for all sorts of information about all kinds of airplanes flying in many different types of backcountry and bush situations.

Backcountry Aviation
Backcountry Aviation is a specialized charter operation that flies customers in and out ofthe Idaho backcountry from their Grangeville, Idaho, base. It's an easy way to sample backcountry flying before taking the plunge yourself.
McCall Aviation
Another Idaho backcountry-flying service. This one is based in McCall, Idaho
An online community of pilots working together to create a comprehensive database of backcountry airstrips and uncharted landing sites.

Idaho Aviation Foundation
"Protecting Idaho's Backcountry Air Strips—Our National Treasures. Companion organization to the Idaho Aviation Association."

Big Tire Pilot
"Kevin Quinn: Flying posts from a flying freak" Quinn has put together a visual blog about backcountry flying in his C-180. If you prowl around the web, you'll find other similar websites.


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