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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top 20 LSA

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LSA America
LSA America
The Allegro LSA, the company's flagship aircraft, is now completely manufactured in America. Originally built in Czech Republic, the North Carolina-based factory has updated and refined the aluminum wing and tail/composite fuselage design to include three avionics configurations, all at very competitive pricing. The top-o'-line Executive model includes a SkyView EFIS-based less than $100K. Prices: $89,000 (Classic Trainer); $94,000 (Voyager); $99,000 (Executive).


Aerotrek Aircraft
Aerotrek has two fun-to-fly, tube/fabric European-built flivvers, marketed directly through the U.S. distributor. The Aerotrek A240 tricycle-gear and A220 taildragger S-LSA are lightweight (585/650-pound useful load), versatile sport-flying planes built by Aeropro in Czech Republic and assembled in Indiana. Nearly 400 have been flying worldwide since 1990. Folding wings, 104-knot cruise and a variety of avionics packages including Dynon SkyView at a great price point make Aerotrek's super budget birds. Base Price: $69,850.

RANS Designs
All-American designer/manufacturer RANS Designs builds airplanes...and bicycles! Three S-LSA (and several kit versions) top the list of this prolific company's many proven designs: the S-19LS Venterra low-wing, all-aluminum monocoque cruiser has 111-knot cruise and 610-mile range. Updated for 2012, the S-7LS Courier is a classic Cub-like tandem flivver with the gross increased to 1,320 pounds. The venerable S-6LS Coyote II and its earlier versions number nearly 2,000 worldwide! Taildragger or tricycle-gear options and several Dynon EFIS avionics packages are available. Price: $136,000 (S-19LS fully equipped); $83,000 (S-6LS base); $87,000 (S-7LS fully equipped).


Making a big splash this year with its stunning win (and $1.35 million prize!) in the NASA/Google CAFE Green Flight Challenge with the Taurus Electro G4 all-electric wondership, this Slovenian company is no newcomer. Five all-composite production models, with a sixth just announced—the purpose-built Alpha Trainer—account for 1,000 deliveries worldwide over the last 25 years. Highly refined aerodynamics for all its models, from easy-handling, bullet-streamlined motorgliders, to fast, comfortable cruisers that maximize economy, to all-electric self-launching, two-seat side-by-side gliders to a new, still hush-hush electric aircraft to be announced sometime in 2012. The company's purpose-built factory is also the biggest private producer of solar-generated electricity in Slovenia, and it designs and produces non-aviation products, as well. Pipistrel is definitely a company to watch.

Currently in 16th place with 24 total aircraft registrations, FPNA, which stands for Float Planes and Amphibs, offers a full spectrum of water and land based S-LSA. Based in Sebring, Fla., the company sells and provides instruction in the Capetown floatplane, its A-22 Valor tricycle version and the A-20 Vista tandem high-wing pusher taildragger. Valor and Capetown are both fabric-covered, aluminum-skin riveted airframe funsters with 50-inch-wide cabins that reach a cruise speed of nearly 90 knots. Price: $67,995 (Vista); $112,000 (Capetown).


Kitfox Aircraft
The celebrated Kitfox has led a long, colorful life since its introduction to the kit-built world back in the 1980s. One of the all-time popular recreational-sport aircraft (5,000-plus!), the "Fox" has been continuously refined and upgraded. The latest Kitfox S-LSA model is an immaculately handcrafted fabric/tube taildragger that offers good backcountry STOL performance and impressive, comfortable, solid-handling fast-cruise capability. Some supporting evidence: 107-knot cruise, 1,150 fpm climb and a 320-foot takeoff roll. Price: $83,495.

Breezer Aircraft
The upgraded Breezer II comes with a variety of avionics packages in a well-laid-out instrument panel and aluminum-skin monocoque construction. Decent cross-country range (3.5 hours at 100 knots), 46-inch-wide cockpit, and it's also available as an E-LSA kit. Still one of our favorite sleepers. Price: $130,000.

Corbi Alto

Corbi Air
The Corbi Alto 100 all-metal low-wing S-LSA recently won its ASTM "wings" as the 112th approved S-LSA model. Beefed up and otherwise refined from its European origins, the Alto 100 is an optimized, "Yankee-fied" airplane making good use of state-of-the-art American components to suggest dependability, docile and lively handling and easy maintenance. The Corbi Alto 100 is both a training and recreational aircraft.

Many cool features include air conditioning systems, Approach FastStack electrical power bus, and Dynon or Advanced Flight Systems avionics. Price: $126,400 (Cross Country); $114,900 (Pro Trainer); $103,900 (Flyer).


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