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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dream Big: Buy A Plane

Financing and insurance are the first steps in making your ownership dream come true

Dorr Aviation Dorr started more than 45 years ago as a Cessna and Piper dealer and today provides financing for everything from piston singles to large jets.
AirFleet Capital Loans for all types of aircraft with values that start at $75,000. A variety of loan types and terms.
Bank of America Lots of experience with aircraft financing. Features many financial products for pilots. $10,000 minimum.
AOPA/Pilot Bank AOPA launched aircraft financing through Pilot Bank in 2013. No website yet, but call (800)-62-PLANE for rates and products. Call (800)-62-PLANE.
CIT Aerospace CIT specializes in leasing and business aircraft financing.
US Aircraft Finance Direct lender offers loans from $25,000 to $1 million on new and used aircraft.
National Aircraft Finance Company Over 30 years of experience. Loans up to 90% of aircraft value. Offers a broad selection of loans types and terms.
PNC Aviation Finance
Financial giant PNC acquired Aviation Finance Group (AFG) in 2004. Has funded over $1 billion in aircraft loans the past five years.
First Pryority Bank Specializes in piston singles. This lender offers additional aviation services like escrow, ag loans and appraisals.

Avemco One of general aviation's largest insurers. 50 years' experience. Huge variety of insurance products.
AOPA Insurance Services AOPA's official insurance division. Online quotes, calculators and great service. Offers a variety of products.
USAIG One of the first aviation insurers. USAIG is a pool of member firms with A to A++ ratings. Large network of offices and related services.
U.S. Specialty Insurance Company Represents several underwriters. Long list of aviation insurance, airport policies, and specialty aircraft insurance products.
Falcon Insurance Endorsed carrier for several aviation organizations including EAA, Cessna Pilots Association, American Bonanza Society and several others.
Travers & Associates Since 1950, one of aviation's best- known brokers. Represents a large number of insurance companies.
Chartiss Formerly IAG. Chartis offers owner policies, non-owned, ag insurance and more.


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