5 thoughts on “Plane Facts: Disappearances

  1. You could probably add Sir Charles Kingsford Smiths disappearance flying Lady Southern Cross as notable. That was in 1935. Two years before Earhart’s disappearance.

  2. Glenn Miller, 1944. Of course there are many other planes that also disappeared during the war.

  3. Only 20 to 30% of emergency G-force-activated ELT’s work in a crash, is this correct? If it is true, then what is the point of even having one in my Citabria. I mean I didn’t expect that they would work 100% of the time, because some crashes can be so severe. Because the people who make them can’t account for every contingency, but still only 20 to 30%?

  4. “Estimated percentage that G-force-activated ELTs work in a crash: 20% to 30%.”
    That’s a sobering statistic.

  5. I lived in New Orleans in the 50’s and recall that about 1957 a National Airlines DC 7 disappeared on a flight from Miami to New Orleans. To my knowledge no wreckage was ever found . Did your research show any further information on this aircraft’s disappearance enroute to New Orlanns ?

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