3 thoughts on “Top 20 Tips For Buying An Airplane

  1. Great article. I bought a Cessna 150 about 20 years ago to train in and just to have fun flying. After a while it was slow, cramped, VFR only, outdated radios, and not very practical so I sold it. This article puts me on the track to buying another airplane (used) that more closely fits my actual needs and budget. I will buy the airplane but will find a partner to share the operating and maintenance costs. (Currently considering a 10 year old Diamond DA40.)

  2. I have always wanted to own a plane of my own. It really is a big task, but it would be so nice to be able to take it up whenever I wanted. After buying the aircraft, do you need to learn to do any repairs right off the bat, or is it better to just go to a professional for everything? Do you include any repair tools in determining advanced equipment?

  3. That’s a good tip to get a plane that will meet your needs 90% of the time. A plane sounds like a big investment and you might not be using all of its features all the time. I bet airplane owners make sure to get good maintenance done on their planes regularly.

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