2017 Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet Specifications

Courtesy of Cirrus Aircraft

The Cirrus SFR50 Vision Jet we flew for this report was a nicely equipped 2016 factory demonstrator outfitted with TCAS, TAWS, Vertical Situation Display, Garmin color weather radar, Iridium satellite communications, envelope protection, and much more.

Price: $1.96 million

Main Construction: Composite

Engine: Williams International FJ33-5A, 1,800 lbs. thrust

Avionics: Cirrus Perspective Touch by Garmin

Seats: 5-7

Baggage Capacity: 300 lbs.

Empty Weight: 3,541 lbs.

Maximum Ramp Weight: 6,040 lbs.

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 6,000 lbs.

Full Fuel Payload: 498 lbs.

Useful Load: 2,499 lbs.

Fuel Capacity: 2,000 lbs. usable/295 gal.

Wingspan: 38.7 ft.

Length: 30.7 ft.

Height: 10.9 ft.

Cabin Length: 11.5 ft.

Cabin Width: 5.1 ft.

Cabin Height: 4.1 ft.

Pressure Differential: 6.1 psi

Maximum Cruise Speed: 308 kts

Cruise Speed: 300 kts

Maximum Operating Altitude: 28,000 ft.

Maximum Climb Rate: 2,500 fpm

Maximum Economy Range: 1,200 nm

Stall, Landing Configuration: 67 kts.

Takeoff Distance: 2,036 ft./3,192 ft. (50-ft. Obstacle)

Landing Distance: 1,628 ft./3,011 ft. (50-ft. Obstacle)

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