2 thoughts on “4 Ways To Avoid A Nightmare Annual

  1. I would like to comment on a few specific items in the article in the November issue titled “4 Ways To Avoid A Nightmare Annual”. 1. The prop hub corrosion could not be seen until the prop was removed, but once found it had to be dealt with. 2. If the paperwork doesn’t show that the AD was done, the airplane is unairworthy. it now needs to be done. 3. Airframe corrosion also must be dealt with when found. These 3 items were a large part of the higher cost of the annual. You can’t blame the shop for them. All that being said, the ‘4 points’ did have some excellent advice.

  2. Makes one consider newer LSAs vs the uncontrollable issues that can show up on annuals. If 90% of your flying is solo, I’m checking out some of the nicer LSAs. As a PPL with just 250 hours, I’ve been shopping 172s, 177s, Gruman Tigers, etc. Although I really prefer the traditional planes, I keep hearing annual horror stories. Don’t know how it’s going to workout, but newer LSAs may fit 90% of my mission and economics are a lot more predictable! Just one mans thoughts!

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