5 thoughts on “Beechcraft Bonanza G36

  1. I guess I’ll have to wait until my pockets get a lot deeper to buy one. I love how the changes have been made to the Debonaire.

  2. Do not understand why, with all of the fine points, the pilot seat is not vertically adjustable. Seems silly that for with the other high-end points you should have to have a cushion to help shorter pilots see over the glare shield better. They need to reconsider this…..even the less costly Cessna aircraft can have vertically adjustable seats.

  3. I know many owners (including in my flying club) who swear by Bonanzas, I’ve honestly never understood the appeal – particularly for the legacy models. When comparing the 2017 Bonanza to it’s closest competitors – the Piper Matrix and now M350 – the Pipers have higher useful loads (to the tune of ~300 lbs), faster cruising speeds, and climb higher. Even our 1996 Saratoga has nearly equal speed but two extra seats and identical fuel burn to our 1987 F33A. More than one club member has put the F33A Bonanza on its’ tail while loading, and the bulky center-mounted column branching to two yokes hides critical controls. Piper may not have anodized switches, but everything mission-critical it simply does better.

  4. It’s like the difference between a Chrysler and a GM sedan. I’ve never owned a Chrysler and never will even if it can haul more for less. My preference is for solid, well built machines and the Bonanza is that to a T.

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