2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Bucket List Get You Down, Reverse It!

  1. Sarina,

    This is a fine article! Thanks for sharing this notion of a reverse bucket list. I love it! Upon thinking about it some I think the two types of bucket lists can be combined very effectively.

    The big bucket list goals such as the ambitious Alaska Bush country trip will take a lot of time and effort to prepare for and involve some prerequisites. So establish a bunch of “stepping stone”goals necessary to achieve the big goal. As each of these are ompleted they can go on the reverse bucket list as satisfying acccomplishment in their own right. Furthermore as you go down that stepping stone path, you’ll learn things, meet people, and discover opportunities that that could accellerate the acheivement of that big goal!

  2. I suggest reading: Goal Setting: Ten Steps to Success: Write It Down and Make It Happen, by Matt Morris.
    It changed my life and my perception of a “Bucket List”.

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