5 thoughts on “IMC To VMC?

  1. Great report and lesson to learn.
    Actually, I always set an OBS with the rwy heading when arriving / expecting a visual approach / landing to an airport, so I can’t be fooled.

  2. Excellent lesson to learn. Many thanks for sharing. I can appreciate how simple it would be for us all to assume we are correct with the initial sighting.

  3. It seems to me that the Garmin 530 would have shown both airports, and that the magenta line would have been attached to the correct airport. The 530 should have been saying, “traffic alert, traffic alert,” for the VFR plane. As an old pilot raised on none of this nifty technology, the “hints’ that the technology provides, is truly breath taking! Glad it all worked out.

  4. You were experiencing the very problem that resulted in incorrect landings in Wichita and Branson. Being cleared for the visual seems to cause this problem for others also. Those two incidents could both have been major disasters.

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