4 thoughts on “Intercepted By An F-16

  1. Darn so sorry to hear this happened to you. Hopefully you will just get a slap on the wrist and be required to do some remediable training

  2. How close was he to the plane? It seems strange to me (a non pilot who happened upon this article) there was no mention of how close he was at all, or that there was even any chance of coming close to each other. It didn’t seem he ever visually identified airforce 1. And he was still in the exclusion zone.

    I’ve been told to move aside (while sailing) by the coast guard several times when the UN general assembly is in session. You get a machine gun pointed at you and that’s the end of the story. In this case it’s a function of distance. The exclusion zone is wider than the channel for traffic.

  3. Always enjoyed time as a CAP mission pilot playing the intercepted with the F16 interceptors. Sometimes we would obey immediately, other times we would ignore them completely and force them to practice their aggressive maneuvers. You always lose to an armed F16 as they never knew if it was a real mission or just an exercise.

  4. I think a year without flying might make you pay attention to the current rules and learn about TFR’s!

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