11 thoughts on “Mysteries of Flight: Chemtrails

  1. You can write a million articles explaining chem-trails it will do nothing to people who are believers…. It is like telling someone their religion is wrong or telling Trump supporters that he doesn’t lie to them. It was said the most simply by Julius Caesar: Men willing believe what they wish……..
    Steve Maresca

  2. The nice thing about having a homebuilt is that my chemtrail dispenser does not have to be certified, and I can maintain it myself. It’s also lots cheaper.

  3. I usually don’t care if someone wants to expend their energies into nonsensical beliefs, it is their right to do so. It’s amazing to me how blunt people are to their own bias in thought that they cannot come to a reasonable conclusion. Where I did take exception was while enjoying a gathering at our local grange a gentlemen came out of the building, pointed to the sky and told a group of children “See those trails up there, those is chemtrails kids” as a matter of fact. Against my better judgement I challenged him on it in front of the kids, much with the counter points you bring and more. His answer was “they’re real, just Google it to educate yourself”. Sad really.

  4. In 1963-1967 I was a Lic WX Observer for Pacific Airlines in Chico Calif CIC. I took hourly observation. I would notice contrails from high altitude aircraft spreading and as more contrails from AC these contrails merged and became a cirrus cloud layer. I reported this to the RBL Weather Bureau they just passed it off but I wondered if this couldn’t be changing our WX. At the very least the clouds would thicken and cause a overcast condition occasionally. This would happen during the hot summer months, I rarely saw this in the wintertime months.

  5. I don’t believe any of it….for a fact, it’s caused by the Loch Ness monster farting while submerged……everybody knows that !!!

  6. What IS the reason that some jet trails last for an hour or more, but most dissipate in a few minutes? Regular trails are merely snow created by the superheating of water molecules as they pass through the engine then supercooled by subzero temperatures of high altitude air upon exit.

  7. Nice try. Your so-called “counter-points do nothing to explain how, since these “Contrails” first became visible over most of the U.S.A around 1947, the fact that I and my younger sister were both born with two eyes each? And why, if your “Theories” are correct, did I just happen to be born in 1947, when my brother who is two years older, was born in 1945?
    Explain that!

  8. I have heard that Barometric pressure has an effect on longevity also? High pressure will let them hang out longer and shorter with low pressure?

  9. Lets see, they were trying cloud seeding ever since I was a kid 50 years ago but now its stupid to think they have perfected it. Saudi Arabia brags and has pictures of a King Air they use to spray and control temps, And there have been tests that say whats being sprayed. Numerous videos of them turning it off and on and a 747 that forgot to turn it off landing in Phoenix. The former Secretary of Agriculture for the USA says it is being done unregulated to control weather conditions. So does the former Secretary of Defense for Canada. If you as a pilot cannot tell the difference, Well, go ahead and keep denying. They never sprayed agent orange either.

  10. Think again about defending a coverup of the implications most are unaware of. A recent speech by CIA director John O. Brennan at the Council on Foreign Relations mentioned geoengineering, specifically stratospheric aerosol injection. Claim: • CIA director John O. Brennan at the Council admits geoengineering in the form of stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) is taking place, ie “chemtrails”.

  11. A little light reading about chemtrails for pilots and plane fans:


    https://www.cigionline.org/sites/default/files/documents/CIGI%20Paper%20no.111%20WEB.pdf (Section 17 discusses the impacts of such geo-engineering on human rights)


    Plus, I’ve always been curious… When did we change flight patterns to be perpendicular?

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