6 thoughts on “Speed Is Life

  1. A retired USAF pilot here – go back to P-40 days – have seen a lot but nothing to approach the courage of Brian Shul. What a man he is.

  2. I have recently retired from the turbine engine component manufacturing and repair industry and sometimes I think back on the most memorable times. Back in around 1991, I ran a small Chromalloy shop in Stuart Florida that made spare parts for the SR71 J58 engines. One day, out of the blue, a crew from the SR71 team visited our shop and, after a shop tour, they gave us a presentation about the SR71. Unfortunately, cameras were not allowed in shops working on J58 components so we could not photography any of the crew. I don’t know if you were one of the crew, but if not, maybe you know one of them that were there. I would just like to thank them for the visit (although more than 25 years later). When I look back, it was THE highlight of my career.

    John Zelahy Sr.
    Naples, FL

  3. Brian, thank you, on behalf of all small children – no matter how old. You made the day of a lot of us. It made my day reading about it today and can only imagine the sight and sound of the spectacle. As a tank crewman, I have oft had recce f-4’s low overhead and the scream of a Vulcan during a display is in my head right now despite tinnitus.

  4. Great story. But, I’d still like to know the V-Stall speed. Now that I think about it, all of the V speeds and cross wind component would be interesting.

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