Randy Babbitt

I just read that Randy Babbitt's DUI charge was dismissed.  I'm happy for him.  I wonder how all of the squawkers out there who indicted him before he was proven guilty, feel about eating their words.  Too often we assume someone is guilty before it is proven and this goes against everything our legal system stands for.  Next time put yourself in the other person's shoes before you are quick to judge.  We lost a good FAA Administrator because of erroneous public opinion.

One thought on “Randy Babbitt

  1. Patty, thanks for highlighting the point that Randy go railroaded. I think he felt it best for the agency and the cause not to make his issue one that distracted from the real mission.

    PS: Been doing business jet things and miss the airshow group. Don’t think we have seen each other since the old Kalamazoo days.

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