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Saturday, January 1, 2005

Aviation’s Top Websites

In slightly more than a decade, the World Wide Web has gone from being a mere novelty to one of the most important tools available. Now, with a click of the mouse, pilots can access live weather, plan flights with previously unheard-of flexibilities, check fuel prices, find aircraft values, search databases, take virtual tours of museums and study volumes of hard-to-access aviation product information. In the proceeding pages, Plane & Pilot has assembled the best online sites for pilots who are searching for excellent resources on the Internet." />

Avidyne Corporation:
Makers of the FlightMax all-glass panel.

Honeywell Bendix/King Avionics:
Now a part of the Honeywell family, Bendix/King’s avionics include communication and navigation, flight-information services, flight controls, weather radar, Integrated Hazard Avoidance Systems (IHAS) and multi-function displays for the general-aviation, experimental and light business aviation communities.

Chelton Flight Systems:
Singular makers of true “highway in the sky” technology.

This is the online home of Garmin’s aviation products. It offers free firmware updates for portable GPS receivers and database updates for $35 (one-time fee), as well as free simulators for ground-based training before using the 400- and 500-series panel-mount units in flight.

Makers of a variety of cockpit enhancements, including TAS and Strikefinder.

L-3 Communications:
Makers of high-end flat-panel avionics, situation awareness enhancement, traffic alert and collision avoidance systems, Stormscope and more.

It offers primary flight displays, navigation displays, engine display units, (ADAHRS) and S-TEC autopilots.

Narco Avionics:
This is one of the world’s oldest general-aviation avionics manufacturer, offering nav/coms and transponders.

Ryan International Corporation:
It’s one of the industry leaders for TAS, TCAD and multi-hazard displays.

Sandel Avionics:
Makers of electronic HSIs, now featuring TAWS, weather and EFIS capabilities.

Eastern Avionics International:
Yes, these guys sell radios and GPS receivers, but they also provide a valuable service with overviews and tips. The company also covers older models as well as state-of-the-art stuff. If you’re looking at old radios and trying to decide whether or not to upgrade (and to what), this site can be a big help, whether or not you buy from them!

Jeppesen Sanderson Inc.:
This is a key site for users of Jeppesen charts and nav data. Database updates are available online, along with subscription services and free aviation weather.

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