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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Adam A500

Customer deliveries have begun!

Leahy supervises seminars in most of America's largest cities, and he plans to fly the A500 to most of his appearances. "We've recently initiated seminars in international locations such as Europe and Australia, so I'll still be flying the airlines some of the time," he comments. Leahy has signed up for Adam Aircraft's step-up program and expects to upgrade to the A700 in a year.

Another strong believer in the Adam A500 is John Tobias of Thousand Oaks, Calif. Tobias, a semi-retired distributor of hair-care products, hopes to accept delivery of serial number 16 sometime in April if the current delivery schedule holds.

Tobias currently flies a Turbo Skymaster, and he loves the airplane. "The Adam A500 simply improves upon all the things I like so much about my 337," says Tobias. "The Adam is bigger, more comfortable, quieter, faster, can fly farther and carry more and, of course, the pressurization makes it a viable airplane for flight at FL250." (The P337's low pressurization differential limits that airplane to 20,000 feet.)

Tobias investigated everything on the market before deciding on the A500. "I considered both used and new airplanes, looked at several of the light jets and even checked into buying a King Air with a partner," Tobias explains. "It turned out the Adam was exactly the airplane I was looking for, partly because of the configuration. My time in the Skymaster has convinced me of the type's safety and easy handling."

The Californian also maintains a home in Sedona, Ariz., and flies back and forth on a regular basis. Tobias says he currently confines his trips to 400 to 500 nm, but hopes to extend those legs to 700 nm or more with the A500, typically carrying three to four people and the family dog.

Adam's A500 backlog at the end of 2005 was 85 airplanes, and at roughly $1 million a copy, that's a good start. Interest in the $2.2 million A700 jet is even better, and the order list currently stands at 280 for that airplane.

For more information on the Adam A500 CLT pressurized twin and the A700 jet, contact Adam Aircraft Industries at (303) 406-5900 or check the company's Website at www.adamaircraft.com.

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