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Saturday, July 1, 2006

The Author's JetPROP

From best aircraft performance to best seller

piperAh yes, the first novel. It’s every writer’s dream to someday pen a novel. No matter what their medium—motion pictures, television shows, advertising, technical manuals or even magazines—nearly all who wield pens for their daily bread, and even some who don’t, aspire to author the next great American novel, to create their own characters, their own stories, even their own worlds.
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Woods has optioned several of his books for motion picture or television movies, but, so far, only Chiefs and Grass Roots have made the transition to the small screen.

Woods says he has another novel, Short Straw, scheduled for release in fall 2006, and thinks he probably has “another 15 or 20 books left to write.” That means the author will probably be back in the sky, crisscrossing the country to promote the new book come October. “I try to finish two books a year, so I know I’ll probably be writing for at least another six or seven years before I retire, if I ever do. But I can almost guarantee I’ll never stop flying.”


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