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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Twin Commander 1000: The Ultimate Turbine Commander

The 1000 is the apex of the ultraluxurious Twin Commander line of corporate turboprops

Using the lower power setting, the Twin Commander 1000's 3,200-pound fuel capacity provides an easy six-hour endurance for as much as a 1,700 nm range, even more with the benefit of tailwinds.

Sometime down the road, FarSight has plans to acquire an Embraer Phenom 100 jet and then a Phenom 300, but the company president says the 100 definitely won't replace the Twin Commander. "Yes, it will be a little faster, but it won't have nearly as large a cabin or the same range as the Twin Commander 1000. In 2007, we were able to fly the 1000 from Big Bear all the way to the NBAA Convention in Atlanta nonstop without benefit of any tailwind. There's no way we could have made that trip in a Phenom 100 with anything short of a hurricane on the tail.

"Generally speaking, we simply couldn't do what we do at FarSight without the airplane," says Obernolte. "It's an invaluable resource for us, providing on-demand transportation to wherever we want to go on our own schedule rather than the airlines'. Perhaps best of all, it facilitates living and working up here in the clean air and sunshine of Big Bear rather than down in the sprawl of L.A., and that's a benefit beyond price."

SAGEM Avionics: A New/Old Player

Sagem Avionics of Grand Prairie, Texas, may not be all that familiar a name around the local FBO, but avionics shops recognize that, for nearly two decades, it has been an innovator in military, airline and helicopter electronics. An American subsidiary of the European SAFRAN Group, Sagem has been a worldwide player in satellite communications, gyro sensors, helicopter autopilots, navigators and biometrics for years.

The company used to be known as SFIM, and in 2004, Sagem expanded its horizons, acquiring ARNAV Systems of Puyallup, Wash., the latter a designer of LORAN, GPS and FMS navigation systems and fuel computers for at least two decades.

Sagem products are approved on a variety of corporate aircraft, and by the time you read this, the company's line of electronics will be STC'd for Twin Commander turboprops. Sagem has equipped large fleets of helicopters, including Los Angeles Police Department, Riverside County Sheriff's Department, Seminole County Sheriff's Office and organizations that use everything from Aerospatiale to Bell to Robinson helicopters.

Sagem has long been a proponent of sophisticated PFD/MFD cockpit-display systems, and the recent merger with ARNAV brings intelligent LORAN/GPS navigation and fuel computers to the product line. The Sagem Star 5000 offers pure GPS navigation, and the multisensor FMS-5000 provides full FMS functions.

Additionally, Sagem's fuel computers answer all your fuel questions, including current fuel state, burn rate, fuel burned, remaining and time to exhaustion (at current burn). Sagem products are approved on many GA fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. For more, contact Sagem Avionics at www.sagemavionics.com or (972) 314-3600.

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