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Aeroswag Offers Unique Aviator-Themed Gifts

For the pilot that has everything

Hat with airport code and field elevation from Aeroswag

Picking out a gift for a pilot can always be a challenge, especially when they already have a great headset and flight bag. With graduation season approaching, and Mother’s and Father’s days around the corner, there will be plenty of gifting opportunities for pilots this spring. 

Aeroswag, an aviation website that specializes in print on-demand swag, has the perfect gift for the pilot that has everything—custom “airport swag.”

Cell-phone case from Aeroswag

With more than 19,000 airports across the United States, chances are there is an airport that a pilot has a fond memory of, whether it is a home airport, first solo destination, or just a favorite place to fly. Now you can turn that favorite airport into a t-shirt, hat, cell-phone case, or dozens of other products. 

Mouse pad from Aeroswag

Aeroswag provides print or embroidered goods that feature any U.S. airport, in the form of a VFR sectional or the airport code. 


VFR sectional chart swag items include cell-phone cases, coffee mugs, stickers, mouse pads, socks, notepads, and even beach towels. The cell-phone cases are the most popular item so far on the entire site. 

Aeroswag has been around for a few years, initially focused on VFR sectional goods, but it recently introduced a new product line: embroidered or printed airport codes on t-shirts, hats, hoodies, stickers, or polo shirts. 

Hat with airport code and field elevation from Aeroswag

Airport code hats and t-shirts have become another one of the most popular swag items on the site, featuring a couple of different designs: 3-digit airport codes or 4-digit ICAO airport codes  (such as those beginning with “K” in the continental U.S. and “P” in Alaska and Hawaii) only, or adding field elevation and city name, and latitude and longitude. 

Aeroswag is planning to introduce additional products and designs throughout the year with the idea that “every pilot should own an airport,” even if it’s in the form of a cell-phone case, hat or t-shirt.


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