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April 2021 Crossword Key



    1  ____ E100

    4  Might be a Goose, might be a Mallard

  10  GPS provides it, for short

  11  “Sporty’s learn to fly course” or “Foreflight/Garmin Pilot,” for example

  12  METAR “misty” for me

  14  Piper _____ PA-28-236

  15  The last word in airplane makers (abbr.)

  17  Beech or the late Mr. Hilton

  19  Pattern position in reference to the numbers

  20  Famous alien flier, abbr.

  22  A popular flying departure place

  24  Good grades in exams

  25  Land or don’t line references, abbr.

  27  Uses satellite timing to give you position (abbr.)

  28  ”Top Gun” targets

  29  Forensic science tool

  31  Possible forced landing site, except in summer?

  33  What flying B-29s are not

  35  This can shake things up (abbr.)

  37  Mantra for when things get dicey?

  38  Suggestion for a wobbly approach

  39  What used to come before Piper’s name



    2  Moved to Florida in the ’60s

    3  Not the cockpit

    4  Vertical part of GPS-based approach (abbr.)

    5  Aviation humorist Machado

    6  Blue Angels’ nation

    7  Mustang or Mite?

    8  Close call, 2 words

    9  Distorted, as a transmission

  13  Nurse (abbr.)

  16  Magnetic ones are still mostly required

  18  __ tight schedule, 2 words

  19  Folksy term for “airport”

  21  Trim __, found on the edge of ailerons and rudders

  23  Unwelcome accumulation on a plane

  24  “George’s” abbr.

  26  Daher predecessor

  27  A portmanteau for the company’s two founders

  30  Basics of a subject

  32  The side yoke makes it easier for pilots to do this

  33  Family relation, for short

  34  Right away!

  36  The Beluga is this, for sure (abbr.)


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