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  1. My name is Dale Hardy. I am a LeTourneau historian with the R.G. LeTourneau Museum and Archives which is located on the campus of LeTourneau Universality in Longview, TX.

    Mr. R.G. purchased his first plane in 1939, a WACO EGC-8. He had many airplanes through the years all the way to a Lear Jet personally delivered by Mr. Lear.

    I am attempting to identify all the aircraft he and his company had thorough the years and provide as many details as possible for each such as when he purchase it, how long he owned it and if it exist today try to find where it is located and what condition.

    I’ve been researching on the internet and just found your article “CESSNA 195 GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS” from Feb 1, 2008. I’m writing to you about two Cessna 195’s that were owned and operated by R.G. LeTourneau, Inc. during the 1950’s.

    From pictures I’ve located it appears they had two CESSNA 195’s. They had one in Peru. I have two pictures of this craft. These pictures were taken in Aug 1956 on a tributary river of the Amazon in Peru. On the side of this craft is the letters OB-LDJ. The tail has the name LeTourneau and Cessna and also the number 342 with no letters. The village name was Tournavista and still exist today. You can do a Google map search for Tournavista Peru and locate it. The back of one picture has a number on it, N-1367. I have searched the internet for this N number and found nothing. I do not know the pilots name. R.G. LeTourneau, Inc. owned the aircraft.

    The second 195 picture was taken Saturday morning August 27th 1955 in Baffu Bay, Liberia, Africa. This village was named Tournata and as far as I know does not exist today. This one is not on floats and I cannot see any numbers. I suppose it is possible it could be the same aircraft but I would tend to think they had two, one in Africa and one in Peru. This pilots name was Floyd Bishop. R.G. LeTourneau, Inc. owned the aircraft.

    I would like to send you these photos with the hope of you being able to help me get more specific info on these aircraft.

    I’m hoping you can put me on the path to locating specific info on these aircraft.

    Dale Hardy
    LeTourneau Historian

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