7 thoughts on “Cessna TTx Shines

  1. As a former fighter pilot I wonder if you can swap the EFIS displays and put the flight displays on the right side, so you can fly from the right seat with the stick in your right hand??

    Bob Skiles

  2. I am a former fighter pilot as well, currently a B-767 Captain. I had wondered about the transition to left handed flying until I did it in my captain upgrade….it was very easy. You will never miss flying with your right hand, I expect. Plus, you have your favored paw available for interface with the Garmin.

  3. This is really a very nice aircraft. I’m so in love with its cockpit. A very nice one. I would love to have a taste of flying it one day.

  4. I purchased a Cessna T206H new back in 2008, in early 2016 i decided to upgrade to something a little (or a lot) faster and something with Ice capability, i found that i wasn’t utilizing all the carrying weight of the T206H and i was burning 20gph to push the big bird thru the air, After much research, in March of 2016 i purchased a TTX over its competitor the Cirrus Sr22T, as of todays date i have flown the New Bird TTX N523RA close to 400 hours, i use her to commute from PIH to HLN and from PIH to LAS, SEA, VGT, SDL CPR and i few other places not mentioned, this aircraft has been amazing, i am 6’2″ and 230 lbs… my wife is 5’6″ and 125 (maybe) we load up with luggage, (shopping bags in my wife case) and it will take us just about anywhere, the majority of the time it flys just me for a 1-2 day mission, above the weather, thru the weather or quickly around the weather, its quiet, it flys where you look, its responsive, i flew the cirrus several times but never could get a good feel for it, shut the ya damper off and not sure if craft is controllable enough to land …HA.. the TTX is like they say “A true pilots airplane” it is much more comfortable than i ever imagined, i can fly longer in it with less fatigue than i did in the larger T206H. it doesn’t carry the payload that the old bird did, but then i haven’t had the need since i traded up.
    the TTX is also much cheaper apples to apples than the media leads us to think, and then Cessna service centers are everywhere, i fly in the high Teens most of the time with the use of a Bose headset with a Built in O2 cannula, i fly at 30″ 2450 rpm’s and i burn 16.5 gah.. C.H.T.’s are about 365 on climb out burning 36 gph once up to altitude and leaned out C.H.T’s stabilize around 330-345 depending on the time of year. she flys T.A.S. (with me just me) 205, up higher FL 230-250 ..T.A.S 220 still lean of peak. 16.5 gph
    my advice, if you need a great bird to get you where you’re going fast and affordable, its a TTX…. going back to a G1000 would be like looking at steam gauges again, thats how much i enjoy the G2000

  5. I am interested in a TTX.
    My questions are how would it do on grass and gravel strips?

    Good tie down points?

    Wide C of G envelope?

    On an above standard temperature day of say 35 C does is till take off and land okay?
    Its hot where I live!

    Is the AC good?


  6. Planes Have allways facinated me , must be in the Blood as my father was a pilot in the dutch army, never Hade the oppertunaty to fly one myself and probably would scare the you Know what out of me if i had the chance.
    The article is Great, when you wright There have been more than 100 confirmed saves of occupants thanks to the chut which i have read before i was just wondering what the eccident rate is on the two Aircraft? Just a curiosity,
    THANKS for a Great article looking forward to reading more from you.
    Regards, Michael Italy

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