13 thoughts on “Crash Update: Cirrus SR22 Lands On SR20 In Florida

  1. This is reminiscent of another Florida Mid Air Lock-up and Landing in Plant City, FL a few years ago.

    One wag asked the only important question: “Who got to log the landing?”

  2. I saw one of these crashes happen right in front of me at Arlington Airport in TN in the mid-70’s. I was in a plane taxiing out to the hold line. We were yelling into the radio at the two pilots, and neither had their radios tuned into the field unicom. The crash took place right at the runway number. The second plane was a Cherokee? (I can’t recall which low wing – actually) and it landed on a Cessna. The low wing went over the nose of the Cessna hitting the Cessna front cowl and prop before it nosed into the runway. Somehow, the Cessna pulled up and hopped over the low wing, before then also nosing into the runway in front of it. It happened really quick.

  3. I’m not going to say it couldn’t happen to me, but I try to always announce, “turning to final, touch & go” etc. or “short final, full stop”, etc. to perhaps alert someone I didn’t see at an uncontrolled field. Also, I scan the sky especially when turning from downwind to base to look for aircraft without radios, etc. setting up to land. At my home airport not far from the accident airport (uncontrolled but quite busy) we sometimes have aircraft doing straight in instrument approaches to the most often used runway, and the pilot is perhaps distracted by monitoring instruments on approach and final and not communicating nor looking outside.

  4. Where was the traffic alert in these aircraft. It should have alerted the pilot unless they are older Cirrus aircraft. But most not all have probably updated by now.

  5. Underscores the importance of maintaining visual contact whenever operating in the traffic pattern.

  6. …and bearing an amazing resemblance to shorebird mating rituals along the intracoastal waterway.
    …stay tuned for upcoming offspring this spring, alleged by sources to be the all-new 3rd gen stealth SR-21 ‘Blackjack’…

  7. Fred B looks like the rocket activated but the chute didn’t deploy , possibly because it hit the lower fuselage of the 2nd cirrus

  8. I have seen no photo that shows the CAPs parachute hatch open on the SR-20. What I see in the photo is the rear roof window right behind where the propeller cut through the fuselage. I think people are seeing the rear window and thinking that is the CAPs cover missing.

  9. Gorgeous plane, I earned my Private license in a Cirrus SR-20. Ill have to check the Horizon site and see if they have a red version that would match our schools aircraft.

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