2 thoughts on “What The Eleventh-Hour Reprieve For Santa Monica Means

  1. One wonders why the City of Santa Monica has avoid those hearings. The delays will cost their taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  2. The City of Santa Monica avoided these hearings to avoid delays costing (the aforementioned “tax payers”) money spent in litigation. They thought the “out of sight-out of mind” approach (legal incompetence!!) was a quick and easy end to decades of efforts to close the (SMA) airport so that real estate “interests” could solve the vexing “noise problems” and make millions$$ in personal profits from real estate development of the Santa Monica “heights” into very high dollar housing.
    The city and the government made a legal and binding contract (many years ago) that should be enforced until the original termination date. ELM

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